The Liberatory Project aims to liberate by learning and leading. To achieve this end, we must think outside of the schooling box.

We use curriculum that is 100% driven with a political focus for justice and liberation. That’s right… even “apolitical” subjects like math, writing and science are explored as a way to understand the social world and the ways in which liberatory work is needed.

The curriculum is the intellectual brainchild of Dr. Angela Dye (the Network’s founder) and for 30 years has been used to educate and empower students in Milwaukee, WI, Atlanta, GA and St. Paul, MN. [Click here for results and testimonials and click here to learn more specifics.]


To meet the diverse needs of students and families, all while staying fully and unapologetically committed to our mission for justice-oriented leadership, the Liberatory Project offers three programs: ad hoc instruction, part-time instruction, and full-time instruction.

  • Our ad hoc instruction offers students and families the opportunity to take single/isolated courses. Our central ad hoc course is Institute Premier which is a public version of Institute Premium. Both courses (Premier and Premium) are designed to build students’ concepts, skills and dispositions around power, social change and liberation. While interdisciplinary in nature, they can be equated with traditional course credits in psychology, social psychology, sociology, economics, political science and even metaphysics. The key difference between Institute Premier and Institution Premium is that Premier takes a standalone approach while Premier intersects with our full curricular program. Click here to enroll in one of our ad hoc courses.
  • Part-time instruction provides our signature, project based (and service learning), instruction to students and families on a part-time basis. Here students will engage in project based learning and service learning all designed to promote, right-now-based liberatory leadership. During this portion of the program, instruction is not only student-paced (based on their level of understanding of the social world and their resolve to promote change within it) but it is also student-directed. As a student-directed program, students will determine the social issues they want to study and the social problems they want to solve. Click here to enroll in our part-time instructional program.

Enroll Online:

**If you are interested in learning more about The Liberatory Project, please email us to schedule an online meeting with our Director. Currently, our email address is info@pbsdevelopment.

We are currently enrolling students in our part-time program for the 20/21 school year.

Check back with us as we will soon begin enrolling students in our full-time program for the 21/22 school year.