Our Vision, Mission, Values, and Beliefs

Vision: Our vision is to become a key developer of urban leaders who will have global impact in science, technology, business, and social change.
Mission: Through school development and support, professional development, curriculum programming and community outreach, we will cultivate urban individuals for global leadership.
Values and Beliefs: We believe the development of urban leaders is based on a unique and sophisticated approach to student empowerment. Global leadership does not occur in a vacuum, and while it requires individual tenacity and merit, it also requires a complex network committed to empowerment. Through student empowerment, a praxis for leadership (comprised of higher order thinking and higher order action) is activated.

2 thoughts on “Our Vision, Mission, Values, and Beliefs

  1. It is rare when we witness one that is willing to sacrifice their entire life for the cause of a people. You have so inspired me with your efforts to improve our people, communities, and future with your inspired efforts to our youth. If I could sum it all up Dr. Dye with one statement, it would be the one I have found in the Scriptures that says “No greater love than this that one would lay down their life for a FRIEND”. The level you have poured out exemplifies that scripture….. Your labors are an attribution of your heart, and love.

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    1. Thank you for the kind words!! I am so thankful that the Empowerment Network has given me a landing place to do good in the world and that the success of our mission for urban leadership will truly be an expressions of genuine partnerships and extraordinary collaborations.


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