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As discussed in Empowerment Starts Here, there are seven methods for empowerment that repositions students as agents of achievement, leadership and change.  To get a list of these seven methods, click here.

Many organizations, particularly schools, have it wrong when they talk about student empowerment.

  • First, they are not redistributing power so that students can work side by side with their teachers in the work of teaching and learning.
  • Second, they limit empowerment to an act of “respectability” where students are expected to behave “appropriately” (based on a deficit model and not a strengths model).
  • Third, they hold a top down/one directional view of power, failing to recognize the complexity of community and shared power in the learning process.

Through the Empowerment Network, we have a different way of talking about empowerment.

  • By giving special attention to student power, we view empowerment as the act of power sharing in the learning process.
  • Seeing students as fully human, we utilize (because we truly see) the strengths embedded in students’ cultural and individual presentations.
  • We see empowerment as beautifully complex, linking student achievement to a network of voices and multidirectional (and intersecting) power.

To be Empowerment Certified means that your school engages students in seven forms of learning.  To be Empowered Certified means that you employ a problem posing style of teaching (not the traditional banking style).  To be Empowerment Certified means that your teachers, students and parents view achievement holistically (as relating to production, prosperity and personal growth).

In exchange for the certification, your school will

  • Become connected with other great schools uniquely empowering students (in their own individual designs);
  • Get access to free and discounted services offered through the Empowerment Network; and
  • Pre-qualify to access empowerment based grants that can be applied to instructional or administrative operations of your school.

Contact us to learn about the process of becoming Empowerment Certified! Under the services option, select “the Network.”

To learn more about student empowerment, get our book!