Site Based Programming


Do you have a social justice mission that needs a strong social justice curriculum?  Do you have students that need a good teacher? Are you losing money trying to train and support teachers to effectively provide culturally relevant instruction?

Well, we think you are looking for us.  And, we  definitely believe we are looking for you!! 


We offer contracted curriculum and teaching services. Please read below to learn more!! 

Through site based programming, we bring highly effective instruction to schools, organizations and groups.

  • Our signature service, Social Being & Change Curriculum (SBC), is a social justice program series and engages students at high levels of scholarship and leadership. This program promotes social change by developing critical literacies typically neglected in under-resourced schools (higher order thinking, autonomous learning, valuing and personal and community empowerment).  Because we deeply believe in its value as relating to our ultimate aim for building social change agents, this program is budget friendly.
  • Our specialization service, School Specific Curriculum, is designed for schools that have specialized curriculum but are having a hard time finding the expertise to deliver it. Maintaining our mission for deep student praxis (scholarship and leadership), we provide a highly skilled practitioner (for a specific period of time) to help their students master specific outcomes.

Whether you access us for SBC Curriculum or for School Specific Instruction, our services are competitive and cost effective!!  Please click on the links below to learn more.

SBC Curriculum

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School Specific Curriculum

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Our services are competitive and cost effective.

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