The Power of Twitter

While it has been a slow crawl, I am pleased to report that I have finally made it to 1000+ followers on Twitter (@ejuc8or). I am especially excited that with the growth in numbers, there has been a growth in my true (off line) network. Recently, one of my newer connections, Dr. Paul Thomas, wrote a piece about our Twitter exchanges and our work as critical educators:

It was an honor to learn that our interactions have had an impact on his thinking as I am clear that they have had an impact on mine! He has stretched me, supported me, and surprised me.  It really is a sweet deal!

Since I am no longer in the classroom, Twitter has become my new teacher’s lounge.  But, unlike before when there were only a handful of people to talk about the day, I now have 1000!  Yay Twitter! Yay me!

To my fellow educators, if you are not using Twitter, you need to!  Great networking awaits!

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