#ProfChat: Student Empowerment on Twitter

Updated:  Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tuesday night’s conversation was about student empowerment.  The questions were based on themes from the book:  Empowerment Starts Here: Seven Principles for Empowering Urban Youth.

Book CoverCome back soon as I will be posting Tweeted-answers to these questions soon!!  Very insightful!!


1.How would you describe student empowerment?

2.How do you promote and protect students’ independence in the learning process?

3.(a) How do you differentiate between student control and student influence?  (b) How do you give students opportunities to experience either in the learning process?

4.How do you position learning concepts, skills and dispositions as concrete tools for power?

5.(a) Share examples of how you’ve made learning objectives relevant to students’ at-home experience?  (b) In what ways has your instruction helped students solve real-live problems?

6.How do you balance student power with teacher power?

7.What’s your greatest strength as a teacher for promoting student power? (b) In terms of promoting student power, what are your areas of growth?

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